Discussion Issues

Some of the key issues and questions to be discussed at the conference/forum include:

  • To what extent do countries in the region have good legal frameworks, including constitutions, which are implemented effectively and consistently by independent and capable institutions and bureaucracy?
  • What is the nature, competence and professionalism of the bureaucracy and what is the quality of its service delivery?
  • Do countries in the region have national development plans and frameworks? And how do these plans link up with the goal of facilitating industrial growth and economic transformation?
  • What is the capacity of the agencies responsible for overall development planning and implementation and whether they are functioning well? Some SADC countries have such agencies as part of ministries of finance (e.g. Botswana) or commissions within the presidency (e.g. South Africa). Is the location important to the functioning of such agencies?
  • What is the nature of the political leadership and are there common developmentalist vision, orientation and coalition undergirding and shepherding the development process?
  • Are the roles of the political leadership and the bureaucracy well delineated, ensuring that the latter has the requisite autonomy in plan formulation and implementation?
  • What is the nature of economic decision making processes and do they reflect key development priorities and agenda?
  • How is public-private sector partnership constituted? And is the private sector including domestic and foreign capital empowered to facilitate economic growth and development?
  • What is the nature of the regulatory regime and incentives for private sector operation and development?
  • What is the level of commitment, investment and strategy for research, science and technology development and how does this link up with innovation and growth of the domestic market economy?
  • What is the nature of social policy? Does it enhance human capital, skills, knowledge, and capacity and ensure social welfare for the people?
  • How are regional frameworks especially through SADC promotive of a developmentalist agenda in the areas of intra-regional trade, infrastructure, industrialization, and socio-economic progress?