Conference Objectives

The above mentioned key issues will be the subject of the Conference in June 2015. The objectives of the conference are;

  • To brainstorm on the concept, processes and modalities of creating democratic developmental states in Southern Africa;
  • Undertake comparative analysis and experiences on the efforts at building developmental states in a global context;
  • Review existing lessons, good practices, case-studies and success stories that may be beneficial to the Southern African context;
  • Explore the opportunities and challenges that Southern African countries may confront in their efforts in constructing democratic developmental states;
  • Examine how regional frameworks and protocols can assist Southern African countries to achieve strategic developmentalist objectives;
  • Explore how international context (global trade agreements, governance systems, power relations etc) can affect either positively or otherwise, the capacity of Southern African countries to construct developmental states;
  •  Provide policy guidance and possibly roadmap on how countries in Southern Africa can achieve economic transformation and sustainable development through the developmental state paradigm.